Reviews for Christopher Hanosh, M.D.


Dr. Hanosh is an experienced, compassionate, and personable professional. I totally trust him to perform my knee replacements. His staff is also caring and skilled.

   — Judy Hebb


Dr Hanosh replaced my right hip in July 2021 when I was 60 and today I still I unreservedly recommend the great orthopedics team at Lovelace and Dr Hanosh. Prior to the operation I had interviewed five other surgeons and read seven books on the topic before meeting Dr Hanosh. When we met, he told me about the minimally invasive Superior Method that would allow me to continue to fully bend at the waist. Being able to move your hips below your knees is not always an option with other methods like the Posterior Method, for fear of dislocation. Bonus points for the Superior Method include that the recovery period is almost half the time of the Posterior Method and for a side sleeper like me I much preferred to only have to sleep on my back for four weeks instead of up to eight. Almost three years later my hip continues to perform flawlessly, and I can still move my butt below my knees with ease.

   — David Hughes


Saw Dr. Hanosh in consult for future hip replacement surgery. I very much appreciated the visit and found him to be very attentive. He answered all the questions I asked and patiently explained all I wanted to know in detail. He had a very good demeanor altogether and I feel confident in having him do my surgery.

   — T M


Appt was timely, staff walked me thru X-ray & visit w Dr Hanosh. Follow up appt was made for added blood work

   — Donald Power


Dr. Hanosh and his staff were outstanding

   — Joe Dee Hoisington


Everything was great great dr.

   — Robert Padilla


I had my hip replacement yesterday .Dr.Hanosh is awesome. I’m not going to lie it hurt, but 24 hours later I’m feeling much better. Hopefully I don’t have to go again, but he’s the guy I would trust. Thank you and all your staff

   — Ray Lujan


I would recommend Dr. Hanosh for a total knee replacement in a heart beat. My experience with his staff, the facility, and him as a provider was the best experience I could have expected. My scar is a perfect seam and I am extremely happy with his follow-up care and the results. I could not have asked for a better physician, supporting staff, and all around experience.

   — Jennifer Buckner


Dr. HANOSH is the best. I have worked with many people over the years as a massage therapist. I have seen a lot of hip replacements before and after surgery with a variety of approaches and outcome. When it was my turn I was happy to be treated so well by Dr. Hanosh and his staff. Meticulous, listens well, answered all my questions and concerns with kindness and a happy twinkle in his eye. He made sure I felt comfortable about the whole process. Great outcome!

   — Teina Marie Barrett Wells


Explained everything clearly and completely. I didn't feel rushed or talked down too. Great doctor.

   — Andrea Mullen


Excellent surgeon and a caring person.

   — Laura Sowers


Because I was 86 years old and had advanced osteoporosis, I knew that knee replacement surgery might be problematic. So I sought recommendations for a local orthopedic surgeon from medical people in other states as well as in New Mexico. I chose Dr. Hanosh because he was said to be unusually skillful and talented---a star in his field. The surgery went even better than I had dared to hope. I have had no problems with my new knee, and now, a year later, I am proud to recommend this outstanding surgeon. We are fortunate to have him in New Mexico.

   — Patricia Lattin


Dr Hanish was very attentive and explained everything to where I could understand. He gave me options and I chose to wait.

   — Dorrey West


I'm just giving 5 stars so I can post what I need to here, haven't dealt with you directly yet. My dad is in a lot of pain for over a year now with knee pain because of some stupid restriction many surgeons have on providing the surgery he needs until they said he loses 40 pounds. I am seriously fed up with seeing my dad in pain this long. He can't exercise with his knee constantly hurting. He is a retired veteran, he refuses to take pain killer medication so all he gets to cope with his pain is cortisol shots in his knee and he doesn't want to do bariatric surgery nor should he have to. Are you a surgeon who is willing to give him the surgery he needs or is there any surgeon in Albuquerque that will do it for him?

   — Heather White


Dr. Hanosh is a compassionate human being and an excellent surgeon and provider. His staff is equally qualified and kind. Time and care is given at each appointment. My robotic knee surgery went extremely smoothly and successfully. I highly recommend Dr Hanosh and his office.

   — Rosemarie Shratter


Dr. Hanosh did a terrific job evaluating my knee prior to total knee replacement surgery. We talked about the two different robotic surgery options which was very helpful.

   — Kevin Murphy


Excellent professional service that I would highly recommend. Everyone on staff very welcoming and efficient in contributing to a positive experience. The visit with Dr. Hanosh was the icing on the cake. Very friendly and approachable with a wealth of information about the service that he provides. Bravo!

   — Dennis Dauber


I'm so happy I chose Dr. Hanosh to perform my total knee replacement. He and his team are outstanding. His office runs very efficiently as well, and everyone involved is very nice and professional. I highly recommend!

   — Sandra Miller


Dr. Hanosh did a total knee replacement on my left knee on April 18, 2022. On April 18, 2023 I returned for my one year check up on the knee. After having several joint replacements with other doctors - I can honestly say, this was by far my best experience with these replacements. I'm impressed with Dr. Hanosh's attention to detail as to what surgery is necessary to best correct total problem. It has been a pleasant experience dealing with him about my concerns.

   — Paul Eby


I couldn't have picked a better Doctor.

   — Way Out Willy


Excellent Doctor and surgeon! He listens to his patients and is caring and considerate. I interviewed several doctors before deciding who to use. He outshone all of them. He was also highly recommend by other healthcare professionals that I spoke with.

   — Sarah Snyder


Great experience! Dr Hanosh listens carefully and answers all my questions. He never makes me feel rushed and he is very cautious which I especially love. I totally recommend him.

   — Carmen Martinez


Very personable and very competent

   — Sandra Schroeder


I was referred to Dr. Hanoosh to evaluate my knee 10 months after my full knee replacement surgery. Dr. Hanoosh is an excellent and professional doctor however after waiting for two months for this appointment i was told upon check in, that Lovelace will no longer be taking United Healthcare after March so now i have to start over and find another surgeon that does take United Healthcare.

   — Ron Helms


Very happy with Dr. Hanosh.



If I could give Dr. Hanosh a 6 on a scale of 5 I would. He is always the patient's advocate. Very personable and forward thinking.

   — Harry Gordon


I recently had a total hip replacement at Lovelace with Dr Christopher Hanosh. It was an amazing experience. He listened patiently to all my questions. He answered clearly and even asked "what else." I felt respected and that my input was important. Because of this, I had a high level of trust that he was making the best decisions for my complicated case. He expertly did the Direct Superior procedure which is the gold standard for hip replacements. The healing was quicker than I expected and my hip feels great. It became obvious to me that a lot of patient education and preventive procedures were done to ensure a successful outcome. There was a very pleasant surprise as I was not certain that could qualify for a spinal rather than a general anesthesia. This was made possible by anesthesiologist Dr Marcus's excellent guidance to Thomas Romero, CNA in finding a way to do a spinal on my back with scoliosis. All on staff in the orthopedic dept were extremely helpful, especially Carrie, Nurse Navigator who answered my calls promptly and completely. The stay in the hospital was also excellent. Kudos to all. I am a very satisfied patient. Lana Sceiford

   — Lana Sceiford


Dr. Hanosh is the best doctor ever. Competent, caring, patient and wants to make sure all questions are answered.

   — Connie P


Dr. Hanosh is a tremendous surgeon. He is very experienced and a true professional. He did a great job with my knee replacement!

   — David Sandoval


Dr Hanosh and his staff are incredible! I have had two hip replacements with Dr. Hanosh and have had excellent results, super fast recoveries, and fantastic care. I can't thank him or his staff enough for all that they have done for me.

   — Maureen Machon


Absolutely the BEST orthopedic surgeon in Albuquerque!!!! My experience was 5 stars for sure !!!!’

   — Bruce Whittaker


He is an amazing Dr. Its been almost three years since he started on my knees, before pandemic. Not for all but hours after coming out of surgery I was able to put weight stand walk. I have never had any issues. I had even switched health insurance and was glad I had. His staff from receptionist to him is phenomenal.

   — Diane King-Straub


Treated with respect and dignity.

   — Antonia Flores


Dr. Hanosh was great! He took his time, answered all of my questions, was empathetic and kind and put me at ease. Highly recommend this surgeon.

   — J Jacobsen


Dr.Chris did my knee replacement over seven years ago. I went on an extended vacation and walked everywhere. One day I did 11 miles. Not once did I ever have a problem with it. He's the best and I e referred three friends to him because he's so good. Now I'm going to see him if it's time to do my other knee!

   — Francesca Cangialosi


Dr. Hanosh and his team were amazing. Always there to answer any question or concerns. I would recommend him . Now the hospital would be a different story.

   — Threasa Maestas


Super nice, super clean, super efficient.

   — Doug Siddens


Dr Hanosh is very thorough and understanding. He considers all available information to discuss problems and propose treatment.

   — R C


Dr Hanosh is a very professional, knowable, kind doctor. His bedside manner is wonderful. I was facing a major joint replacement, and the way he described the issue, made me feel not as stressed. Finally, his staff is outstanding. They always get back to you in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Dr Hanosh for any joint replacement!

   — Katherine Weber


The Doctor and all staff were extremely helpful and explained all options clearly. They even gave me documents to read over.

   — Ellen Jantzen


Dr. Hanosh is a very easy to talk to, he listens and explains medically procedures. He is down to earth, has a sense of humor and doesn't make you feel like he is in a hurry. He is an excellent surgeon. I highly recommend Dr. Hanosh if you need a knee replacement.

   — Rebecca Sanchez


As an RN sometimes assigned to care for Dr. Hanosh’s patients in the hospital setting, I chose him as the surgeon I wanted went I fractured my ankle. I do believe that speaks more than any words could.

   — Justine Eichhorst


Dr Hannish Is kind and caring. He listened to my knee issues and was not going n a hurry. His staff is also great. I feel Very confident he will do a great job when I need To have surgery

   — Faye Detry


Everyone as very helpful. Even after my appointment was over. Above & beyond. So nice to see that. Thank you all so much

   — Michele Madrid


Best doctor I have ever worked with. Outstanding office. Tremendous kindness. They make me feel like every patient counts. Thanks to these lovely people

   — Mo Palmer


I was hoping that the newly formed Orthopedic unit for Lovelace (6 years old?) And its award-winning orthopedic surgeon Dr.Hanosh could provide more in-depth reasons for my plantar fasciitis or neuropathy as he called it. I have never had this condition and it was exacerbated by the complete knee replacement surgery of last year. He too like the surgeon from New Mexico Orthopedic Surgeons said it was "rare". I must live with "rare" and prayers that I am healed eventually.

   — Susanna Gilbert


Exceptional staff and Dr "Chris" Hanosh, as he introduced himself to us by his first name, was awesome. We look forward to having him do a knee revsion on my husband. We feel very blessed to have been referred to him and expect nothing but the very best of an outcome.

   — Gaylia Pride


Friendly, smart, efficient office. Great care from Dr Hanosh.

   — Betty Lehnus


Excellent customer service very friendly and knowledgeable would recommend Dr Hanosh without hesitation.

   — Barney Perez


Dr. Hanisch is very friendly As is his staff. He took the time to show me exactly what was going to happen in my surgery with the fake body parts in his office. I’m sorry I don’t know what else to call them. The staff assured me that they would take care of everything and so far they have.

   — Debbie Nuanes


Dr. Hanosh is a great physician. I had left hip replaced and it has been a great experience. He is kind, funny and a great doctor. He did a great job and I had very little pain afterward. I feel like a new person! Thank you.

   — Danna Lawson


Can't say enough good things. Dr Hanosh, staff, pre op, post op, nursing staff. 100% professional. I have used several orthopedic services in my 66 years, and these folks are the best!

   — Kenneth Manley


I found Dr. Hanosh has a great deal of experience in dealing with complicated problems and helped me regain my health again by my surgery to eradicate my staph infection. He also has a wonderful bedside manner.

   — Carla Greenleaf



   — Victoria Kaharl


I had a positive experience meeting with Dr Chris Hanosh

   — Marc Perry PhD MSW


Dr Hanosh is the best Dr, did am amazing job on both my knees , so thankful 🙏

   — Joanne Sedillo


Doctor Hanosh is a wonderful doctor. I have had two hip replacements that gave me a new lease on life. He is brilliant and one of the nicest and kindest people I’ve ever known. I wouldn’t go to anyone else. I have a total knee coming up in February. I know I’m in great hands. Thanks Doctor Hanosh. You’re the best. I had the total knee replacement in February. I graduated from PT and am doing great. I will continue my exercise bike at home. Another success story from Dr Hanosh. I’m grateful for his skill. He’s a wonderful doctor that cares about his patients. I feel blessed to have had him as my doctor. Thanks again Dr Hanosh. I think you’re the best.

   — Julia Gallagher


Dr. Hanosh is not only a skilled surgeon--he has a PERSONALITY! He did his residency at Johns Hopkins, and they don't hire slackers! Highly recommend him

   — Laura Fain


Took immediate control of my medical condition.

   — Charles Cameron


Doctor Hanosh is a amazing Doctor who is blessed he has what it takes

   — Michael Lackey


Dr. Hanosh is the best! Both surgically and as a human being! My first knee replacement was in August and I am having the second one next week (end of December). Not that I am looking forward to it, but I am totally comfortable and trust that all will go as well or better than the first one! His staff is also top notch and extremely well organized. Everything is explained and perfectly layed out so I have no questions on what to do or what to expect.

   — Ron Andrews


Caring, attentive follow up care to incredibly, executed bilateral knee surgery. Dr. Hanosh is the best.

   — Dorothykerwin


After talking to several local orthopedic surgeons I found Dr. Hanosh who revised a hip that I had broken 8 years previously and had become very arthritic and painful to a new hip replacement. I can hike again! Dr. Hanosh is the nicest man and he is very technically competent at what he does. I recommend him highly!

   — Patrice Kerr


Dr Christopher Hanish is the best orthopedic surgeon . He listens, very patient and has an excellent supportive team by his side. Dr Hanosh bedside manners are always great. I had my total knee replacement done with Dr. HANOSH and I am glad I did. Mr Martinez PA is very knowledgeable and very nice as well. I high recommend Dr. Christopher Hanish for knee replacement he has lots of years of experience it speaks for itself. I had a terrible knee with many issues and he figured it out. He did an excellent job on my knee. I am so happy I have him as my surgeon I will have other knee done soon.

   — Deborah T.


Dr. Hanosh did an excellent job explaining the problem with my knee and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend or see him again.

   — Greg Tezich


He's an awesome Dr. Did my right hip replacement with results as expected.

   — Robert Burpo


The new Triathlon Stryker knee that Dr. Hanosh put in is just wonderful. Dr. Hanosh surgical skills have made the recovery Flawless. His Staff from the front desk to the back are Top Notch...What a blessing to the community.

   — Carnell Chappelle


Great service from the time I signed in until the time I left. Dr. Hanosh explained our "Plan of Attack" thoroughly and very professionally. I honestly Look forward to working with Dr. Hanosh as my care-giver throughout the process.

   — Calvin Beverly


My doctors appointment with D, R Hanosh on September 10th went well like always

   — Leroy Baca


After 2 years, my new knee continues to gives me a full rage of motion with no pain. I am so pleased with it! And I am always very happy to see Dr. Hanosh. He is clearly an outstanding surgeon, and a most pleasant man to speak with. I cannot imagine a finer arthroplasty surgeon.

   — Stephen Kaufman


I recently had an appointment with Dr, Hanosh to check my knee and back after a fall. Dr. Hanosh gave me a thorough examination. He ask great questions and allowed me the time to give my answers and concerns. At all times during the exam, he explained what he was going to do and why he was doing it. When he finished, he gave me his diagnosis and allowed me time to ask my questions. Doctors I have gone to in the past could use a lesson from Dr. Hanosh on patient examination and listening.

   — Marilyn Brown


My experience with Dr. Hanosh was great he took time to listen and explain things to me He did not come into the room and give me a quick one minute visit and out the door like I have experienced with other Doctors. I do hope I can continue to see him in the future . First Impression is AWESOME would recommend him to anyone. Thank You for being so caring, Staff was also very friendly

   — Katherine Gonzales


I love Dr. Hanosh, and I appreciate not only his surgical skills but the way he personally cares about his patients. His sense of humor puts people at ease, and his concern shows a great deal of professional expertise. Dr. Hanosh is a terrific surgeon, and I highly recommend him to anyone needing Orthopaedic surgery.

   — Patti Tanis


Dr. Hanosh is extremely caring. He is a fantastic orthopedist. He is knowledgeable and very empathic. I'm very lucky to have him as smart orthopedist and would recommend him highly.

   — Sophia Rodgers


Great staff. Everyone that works for Dr Hanosh is very friendly and professional.

   — Scott Hinkle


I met Doctor Hanosh in 2016 . He performed a highly successful knee surgery on my 94 year old Aunt. I've referred many colleges to Doctor Hanosh ,a professional orthopedic surgeon. I'm comforted to know each person referred is in awesome hands! I thank God he is my physician. He's compassionate, professional, and an awesome surgeon!.

   — Pamela Williams


Dr. Hanosh is highly skilled, brilliant, and has a wonderful way of caring for his patients. Thank God for Dr. Hanosh, he replaced my right hip and had me back to near normal in three weeks.

   — Gare Meyer


Dr. Hanosh is a phenomenal surgeon and human being. He is compassionate, has a great bedside manner and he is extremely competent - all in one package. He has a great reputation amongst other physicians as well as patients. He did a great job on my left knee replacement, and I'm sure he'll do a fantastic job when my right knee replacement needs revision in the future!

   — Dana Giles


Very personable and an excellent surgeon.

   — Terry & Trish Jones


He is amazing. I have recommended him to everyone who needs help. His staff is also amazing.

   — Sandra Sanchez


Dr. Chris Hanosh is a fantastic surgeon. A very compassionate doctor.

   — B Burton



   — Frenchie Shepherd


Dr. Hanosh is the absolutely best orthopedic surgeon and has a great staff in the office. Dr. Hanosh has fostered an atmosphere of empathy and care.

   — J Plowman


I was impressed with his professional attire knowledge and patience He explained everything that will happen pre-op and post-op including the type of knee and which vendor would be involved. I felt relieved and safe because I have been scared of having surgery again.

   — Joann Fitzgerald


Dr. Hanosh and staff are as good as it gets. Have sent a dozen folks to him and they all are so appreciative. He is awesome and his staff is solid.

   — Lonny Hurley

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