Primary Care

Family Medicine

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Our primary care providers are devoted to comprehensive health care and wellness for individuals and their families. They specialize in diagnosing and treating a variety of health conditions.

The provider-patient relationship is vital to your care, and this relationship helps you manage all aspects of your health, from routine screenings to treatment of injuries or illness.

Our primary care providers will get to know you and your health history. They will serve as your advocate and care coordinator, bringing continuity to your care, providing access to specialists and supporting you for the long- term.

Internal medicine physicians (also known as internists) focus on adult medicine. They care for their patients for life, from teen years through old age. Internists have special training that focuses on the prevention and treatment of adult diseases.

  • Endocrinology (disease of the thyroid)
  • Nephrology (diseases of the kidneys)
  • Hypertension
  • Preventative medicine
  • Geriatric medicine
  • Diabetes
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Nina Allen, NP
Christina Andre, FNP-C
John Bond, M.D.
John Bond, M.D.
Carolyn Castillo, M.D.
Carolyn Castillo, M.D.
Bettina Cuthrell, FNP-C
Fredie Diaz, M.D.
Fredie Diaz, M.D.
Pamela Fulton, FNP-C
Ximena Galarza-Rios, M.D.
Rosa Galvez, MD, MBA
Rosa Galvez, M.D., MBA
Susan Harte, D.O.
Kelly Hoock, FNP-C
Eva Houghton, MSN, FNP – BC
Celia Jones, FNP-C
Kerri Kremer, FNP-C
Brian Naizer, M.D.
Debra Ann Narcisse, ANP-C
Debra Ann Narcisse, ANP-C
Katharine Pickett, MD
Katharine Pickett, M.D.
Rebecca Reed, FNP-C
Richard Roche, MD
Richard Roche, M.D.
Mirta Rodriguez-Lugo, M.D.
Angela Sanchez, MD
Angela Sanchez, M.D.
Megan Sommer, FNP-C
Vidya Subramanian, MD