Reviews for Rosa Galvez, M.D., MBA


It is clear that Dr. Rosa Galvez has the best interests of her patients in mind. I have been her patient for several years now, and she has always shared candidly and expertly with me re: test results and any questions I have had. She has made excellent and timely referrals to specialists and has reviewed my info carefully. She is compassionate, down-to-earth and enjoyable. Am grateful for her!

   — Dorinda Fox


Dr. Galvez has been my doctor for 20 some years. I adore her. She is the best. I always get great care with her.

   — Nancy Jeris-Williams


I have been to this doctor repeatedly over a more than 3-year period. She is an excellent, knowledgeable, professional healthcare provider. I feel like a valued patient under her care. I had another in-person visit recently, and she again provided superb care. Update 3/23/2024: Once again, Dr. Galvez gets 5 stars! She referred me to an excellent compounding pharmacy called Menaul Compounding Pharmacy. They are wonderful like Dr. Galvez. Fast fulfillment of prescription, excellent customer service especially for a new customer, caring explanation of the purpose of the medication, free shipping if needed, and convenient hours of business. I am so pleased with this referral, and with the customer service I have received from both Dr. Galvez and at Menaul Compounding.

   — Donna


I can't express my complete and total trust in Dr Rosa Galvez. I have been lucky to have her as my Dr probably over 7 years now Dr Galvez listens to my health concerns and has always addressed them professionally and with kindness. Also I have only experienced the best medical assistants and receptionists. Great place that I love and trust...

   — Angie Cherry


Great primary care provider. Takes the time to explain and educate beyond the examination.

   — Cecilia Dail


I am very blessed to have Doctor Rosa Galvez as my PCP. Throughout the years, she has provided me excellent medical care. She is a wonderful doctor for sure but she is also a caring and dedicated medical professional who cares about her patients and their wellness. Thank you Rosa.

   — Jesse Martinez


Very thorough, loves to explain why she makes certain suggestions based on her knowledge and expertise. Leaves no doubts, or questions on a patient’s mind

   — Calliope White


Note:using my sister's gmail to post this. Dr. Galvez has always been wonderful with my parent's. She has the experience and depth of knowledge to help figure out what's going on with them and give them exactly what they need even when they can't express themselves well. She is kind, caring, understanding and doesn't pull her punches with them. She is very saavy, not much slips by her so it's difficult for them to pull the wool over her eyes ;). She addresses troubling concerns with discretion and is comforting when needed. My Mother has transitioned now. The care my Father continues to receive from Dr. Galvez is superb. I highly recommend her!

   — Bob Fore


I’ve been with this doctor for 7 years. Very compassionate and helpful. Does not rush you. Explains thoroughly….

   — Dusty Roads


Dr. GALVEZ is a very good and caring Doctor. She takes the time to listen to your concerns and she really cares ! I am blessed to have her as my Doctor .

   — B Garcia


Dr. Galvez and her right arm, Shawna, are a great and efficient team. I appreciate them both.

   — Joanne Fine


Best doc in Albuquerque!

   — Cyndi McMillen


I had a recent appointment for an annual check-up with Dr. Galvez. This was a positive experience, that started with a relatively short wait. The Doctor's assistant entered the room first to check a few vitals and to administer a short cognitive test. A few minutes after she completed those checks, Dr. Galvez entered and completed her portion of the exam. Dr. Galvez is always courteous, professional and very easy to speak with. The amount of time she spent with me seemed just right, and allowed for an effective and comprehensive visit.

   — Woody Ely


Dr Galviz has helped me and given me the answers I've needed for years. It's a long wait to see her but it's well worth it. I appreciate how much she's helped me.

   — Maria Barela


Willing to listen and explain my medical situation.

   — C. N.


I believe Dr, Galvez is an incredible doctor and as all medical staff is adjusting to staff shortages, illness, etc.and dealing in the best way possible. Right now I feel that all medical personal are pushing themselves to the point of burnout and that people should be more understanding of the difficulties they face. I have had nothing but positive feedback for Dr. Galvez. She went out of her way to get me in and stay after hours to see me. A++

   — Maria S.


I am a pharmacist of 42 years. I am very opinionated when it comes to doctors and their knowledge. Rosa Galvez, hands down is the smartest doctor I have ever met. She is caring, listens and is amazing when it comes to her patients and the knowledge that she brings. I am so blessed to be her patient.

   — V Pav


Very positive experience with Dr. Galvez, she spends time and listens.

   — Janice T.


I've been with Dr. GALVEZ over 5 years. Always get best of care. Would not go anywhere else.

   — Lenore Mulligan


It is often difficult to find a doctor with whom you can build a relationship for your health, but I am fortunate to have found Dr. Galvez. Dr. Galvez is smart, attentive, caring and practical. She answers my questions completely, works quickly but not dismissively and takes the time to insure my needs have been addressed. I always leave feeling I have been "seen" and working toward healthy goals. Her nurse, Shawna is wonderful, too.

   — Mo Lisi


Dr Galvez has been one of the most competent doctors I have seen in a long time. She is caring, helpful and have a great bedside manner. Due to my insurance I will no longer have her as my doctor which I will miss,

   — G. O.


Awesome experience and highly recommend Dr. Galvez

   — Larry T.


Dr. Galvez was courteous in our doctor-patient communication. That was useful in my descriptions of concerns. She knew what options there were for assessing a proper diagnosis and ordered specific tests to aid her diagnosis. She is knowledgable and an excellent general practitioner.

   — James E.


I will see her next year for my Medicare well check up.

   — G. S.


DR. Galvez was fantastic. Words can not even explain how good she is. Best Doctor I have ever seen. Don Miller

   — Donald M.


I have been to Dr Galvez only twice, last year (2021) and this year (2022) for my annual Medicare visit. I have been to numerous annual visits, and I must admit that Dr Galvez is the most thorough doctor I've been to. She checked all of my systems and listened carefully to answers to her questions. She focused on all the aspects of gerontology that are troublesome for people my age, including walking, balance, and strength. She even does a short mental test as well. She's excellent.

   — Sarah Beaton


I have been to Dr Galvez only twice, last year (2021) and this year (2022) for my annual Medicare visit. I have been to numerous annual visit, and I must admit that Dr Galvez is the most thorough doctor I've been to. She checked all of my systems and listened carefully to answers to her questions. She focused on all the aspects of gerontology that are troublesome for people my age, including walking, balance, and strength. She even does a short mental test as well. She's excellent.

   — Sarah B.


This visit was a post-visit follow-up. Dr. Galvez has a heavy patient load which did not interfere with her willingness to spend the necessary time with me to give me a check-up. She is thorough and kind.

   — J. A.


I find Dr. Galvez an excellent listener and questioner, always compassionate about my problems and giving thoughtful and professional advice on treatment options and any questions I have.

   — Patricia Browne Hirschl


Dr. Galvez is an amazing provider. She listens and takes her time to make sure you are well. Thank you Doctor!

   — Iris Denise Lopez


I was a new patient. The front desk screwed up my 1st scheduled appointment. Dr. Galvez managed to squeeze me in for my physical which was 6 months late. She was thorough & took time with me. I am very appreciative to her & a the 2nd gal at the front desk who helped straighten everything out. Dr. Galvez is overwhelmed with new patients due to COVID.

   — Mary Bresnahan


Dr. Galvez is willing to spend the time with her patients to determine their problems and offer suggestions for relief. Most of her time is actually spent with the patient and not with the company computer, although she does use it when it can be of assistance. I am 87 years of age and have visited a few doctors in my time. Dr. Galvez is among the best I have used.

   — Wes P.


I've been a patient of Dr. Galvez for over 20 years and she is always consistent. She's very professional and thorough. She answers your questions and is truly concerned for your overall health. I've been to a lot of doctors in ABQ and she is definitely one of the best.

   — A Marti


Dr. Galvez was positive and friendly. She took time to listen and explain. My examination was thorough. I trust her.

   — Bill C.


Your scheduling department is diminishing her effectiveness because they persist in sending new patients. She has mostly elderly patients who need return visits for physical and drug evaluations. She tells us to return in 3 months. At first, the first available appointments were 4 months away, then 5 months now. Are you trying to drive us to other practices?

   — Sharon C.


I have been a patient of Dr. Galvez for several years. She is amazing. Always patient, compassionate and caring. She listens to all me concerns and is great at answering all my questions.

   — Larry T.


Dr. Rosa Galvez is very thorough in her exams and explains things very well.

   — Sherry M.


Dr. Galvez in an amazing doctor. She is super-smart and takes the time to listen. She really cares and it makes a big difference, in my opinion. The only problem is that I just switched jobs and my new insurance doesn’t have Lovelace on their plan. I’m really bummed that I have to find a new doctor bc Dr. Galvez is fantastic and there aren’t many really great doctors in Albuquerque. I’ll miss having her as my primary care doctor.

   — Laura Rose


Dr. Galvez is a very knowlegable doctor with years of experience. I have utmost trust in her care of my health. I feel very comfortable talking with her. She listens to my concerns with interest and caring.

   — Robert


She's terrific! Kind, articulate, caring, and knowledgeable.

   — Gil Lazier


Thoughtful, courteous, friendly, has a sense of humor, knowledgeable.

   — D. B.


Dr. Galvez takes all the time necessary to do a thorough examination. She is patient, listens to all concerns, and ensures that all diagnoses are appropriately addressed.

   — H. W.


Dr Galvez has been my Dr. Now going on two years . In that time she has accomplished more then the last 3 Dr's I have had . She has actually took extra time out of here busy schedule to ensure that I have the resources to get medicines and other medical care that I am needing . If not for Dr. Galvez I would still be being shipped from one np to the other. She is very thrall and efficient.

   — Paul Johnson

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