Reviews for Tambra Bensch, CNM


Tammy was the CNM that performed the consultation and placement of my IUD. She was forthright and kind and made the entire process as easy as possible.

   — R Thompson


Tammy is an amazing midwife! She was my midwife for both of my pregnancies and I was so impressed by her attentive and caring personality. She delivered my second baby and was so great. I was so scared and ready to give up but she was reassuring and knew exactly what she was doing to get the baby out as fast as we could. If I ever have another child I will definitely be going to Tammy Bensch!

   — Shaylyn Barker


Tammy is the best! She is always on time, and she is very knowledgeable. I wouldn't have anyone else guide me through a pregnancy.

   — Krista


Love! Love! Love!

   — Monica L

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