Lovelace Medical Group surgeons offer a minimally invasive approach to hernia repair, utilizing the da Vinci Xi surgical robot.

Patients can expect less pain, shorter hospitalization and quicker recovery.

A hernia occurs when there is a weakness or hole in the muscle wall, allowing an abdominal bulge of tissue or intestine to protrude through the muscle.

The symptoms of a hernia may include a dull ache, feeling of weakness, heaviness, pressure or a burning sensation in the abdomen. A soft bulge may develop, typically getting worse as the day goes on. The most common types of hernias are groin, belly button and a surgical incision site. The only way to repair a hernia is through surgery.

Robotic Hernia Surgery


Albuquerque ranks among best places in the U.S. for robotic hernia surgery

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A physician referral is required.

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Michael Blea, M.D.
Amy Bower, MS, PA-C
Amy Bower, MS, PA-C
David Hoang, M.D., F.A.C.S.
David Hoang, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Mario Leyba, MD
Mario Leyba, M.D.
Erica McBride, DO
Paul G. Meade, M.D.
Goldyn Rubio, PA-C
Goldyn Rubio, PA-C